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Status Aparte

Since 2005 Status Aparte has been producing ‘in-house’ icons in fine jewellery, luxury handbags and exclusive accessories in limited editions.

We use only carefully selected, top quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure that our product is on point, always.

We provide our loyal customer base with a dependable and trustworthy service  guaranteeing transparent information, advice and follow-up.

Welcome to Status Aparte!

Kim Geysen:

“Jewels and women are both inseparable and symbiotic, For each woman there is the perfect jewel and for each jewel the perfect woman.”



Contact Info

Status Aparte
Grote Markt 76
2500 Lier

Telefoon 03/289.59.92

Elk juweel is uniek en even origineel als een kunstwerk.

Zoals we betrachten onze creaties te verheffen tot een artistiek niveau, weerspiegelen deze sieraden ook een hedendaagse esthetiek.